Haleigh Conner's clever 'Commitment' Halloween costume goes viral


Haleigh Conner has the biggest damn smile. 

In both her Twitter profile picture, and in a photo she's posted online that made her internet famous this week, Conner looks like someone who laughs a lot, and hard. Conner, a sophomore student at the University of Minnesota, is majoring in biology and neuroscience. Let's assume she's smart. 

A good laugh doesn't mean funny, and smart doesn't mean clever. In Conner's case, they do.

Last weekend Conner was having a little fun at the expense of her ex-boyfriends, whom she made the butt of her Halloween costume joke. The get-up could not have taken more than 20 minutes to assemble: Long white T-shirt with a word written on it, black thigh high boots... and that's it. 

It's the thought that counts.



scariest thing I could think of #shoutouttomyexes

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As she posted the image to Instagram, Conner tagged numerous ex-boyfriends, a list she later told Buzzfeed dates back to middle school, when dating meant "seeing each other at school and having your parents drive you around to places."

Conner also cross-posted the image to Twitter, where it 1.) went viral (3,400 retweets and counting) and 2.) was met with inevitable backlash from dudes who thought her costume and post were so mean! (Or are shaming her for the number of tags.)  She says she's skipping all that, telling Buzzfeed, "These people don’t know me or know the joke so I’m not too bothered by it!"

Others are, and her Instagram post and Twitter mentions are now also a rallying place for people sticking up for her. 

Also OK with it, Conner says, are the exes she shouted out to: "A few" have been in touch since the photo, she says, and they think it's "pretty funny."

Hmmm. A thing where the people directly involved are either having a laugh or already over it... while everyone who knows nothing about it or them is using red-hot emotions to melt and shape the thing it into a knife with which to butcher their enemies? Ask City Pages, and the scariest thing we can think of is Twitter.