Guthrie Theater's "How'd They Do That" workshop is this Saturday

​Ever wonder what actually goes on behind the scenes of a theater production? After seeing a performance like Wicked, one can't help but ponder how exactly Elphaba is painted so evenly green, or how many times the actors in the Guthrie's cast of A Streetcar Named Desire light up to smoke during the play each night (at least enough times to warrant a smoke warning in the program).

This weekend's "How'd They Do That" workshop offers up a detailed glimpse into the behind-the-scenes action at the Guthrie, with first-hand accounts from backstage directors to the actors themselves. 

​During the "How'd They Do That?" workshop, participants will hear from three people who spend their evenings knee-deep in wigs, controlling the spotlight, and organizing the clean-up after all those cigarettes are snuffed out at the end of a show like Streetcar. 

Technical director Richard Girtain, props manager Patricia Olive, and lighting supervisor Tom Mays will give you an insider's view into their backstage world. You'll also be privy to some onstage tales by actors Colman Domingo, Forrest McClendon, Sharon Washington, and Christian Dante White. 

​Secrets behind set inspiration, costume design, and what actually happens during rehearsals will be revealed, giving you a rather eye-opening view into the nitty gritty pieces of a theater production.

The workshop will begin at 9 a.m. Saturday morning in the McGuire Proscenium Stage, and tickets cost $15 per person.

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