Grumpy's Drinky Drive-In salutes Elliott Gould


It is a very exciting time over at Grumpy's on Washington. The projector and silver screen are back for yet another week, so the Drinky Drive-In can continue full steam ahead, delighting us this evening with a bit of dark comedy and murder mystery -- a thought-provoking way to start off this holiday week. On tap tonight is an Elliott Gould inspired double feature, and the usual tempting food and drink deals too, of course.

​Tonight the double-feature screening will kick off with the 1971 film Little Murders by Alan Arkin. A dark comedy with a highly dysfunctional family at the core of the plot, the onscreen drama with a humorous twist might just help those awkward family moments around the holidays seem like nothing. 

Elliott Gould plays the new boyfriend of the daughter in the dysfunctional family, and is among a collection of eccentric characters that shed light on the gray areas of society.

The second film in the lineup featuring Elliott Gould is The Long Goodbye, directed by Robert Altman. In 1973 the film was created out of an adaptation of the 1953 novel written by Raymond Chandler. A more contemporary approach to film noir, this production is filled with mystery, murder, and suspense, but in a Hollywood setting.

Grumpy's Drinky Drive-Ins also feature half off Minnesota beers and bottles of wine during the screenings, and admission is free. It might not hurt to start the Turkey Day stomach-stretching preparations with a hearty basket of tots while you're at it. Movie lineup begins at 8 p.m. The trailers for both films are below.