Grumpy's Drinky Drive-in Monday

​After a long, hot weekend at the State Fair, there are plenty of other outdoor activities where you can give your sore feet and sunburned shoulders a rest. For example, Grumpy's downtown is offering up another Monday night double-feature film event at their Drinky Drive-in. 

Featuring free screenings with great specials, your barking dogs will thank you for the break. You won't even have to give up the fried foods thanks to Grumpy's legendary tots, mac 'n cheese bites, and mini corn dogs. It'll be just like fair, but with free movies, and without an excess of sticks.

Around 9 p.m., or whenever it gets dark, Grumpy's downtown will begin the show, and if the weather holds out it'll be right on the patio. The evening's theme is Kurt Russell, so it's no surprise the double-feature includes Big Trouble in Little China and his 1987 hit Overboard with Goldie Hawn. 

Specials include $2 popcorn and half-off deals on Minnesota beer and wine selections. If you miss tonight's screening, you'll only have one more chance at the Drinky Drive-in before the curtain falls on summer. 

Next week on Labor Day, Grumpy's goers can enjoy the same specials and a 1987 tribute to the sunshine months. Films to help you celebrate the summer include Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello in Back to the Beach and Courtney Thorne-Smith in Summer School

See you on the patio, and don't forget the tots. Grumpy's downtown is located at 111 Washington Avenue South. 

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