Greatest animal movies for people and pets

MAJOR CUTENESS ALERT: This Thursday night, Walker Open Field will present Tragedy on the Sea Nymph, a 10-minute film operetta starring an all-dog cast. The film will be shown at 9:15 and again at 9:45 p.m., and is free to the public.

The piece, described as a story of "romance and tragedy of clandestine lovers shipwrecked at sea," is intended to be enjoyed by both canines and owners alike. But while watching the trailer, which is overflowing with dog-on-dog action (video after the jump), we couldn't help but think: what about other pets?

That's why this week, in the interest of fairness--and an unhealthy obsession with YouTubing "talking animals"--we've put together our list of the most amazing movies for animal lovers of all kinds.

[jump] Joe's Apartment

While dogs are always running around doing awesome stuff like saving people from fires and playing basketball, some of us just aren't responsible enough to own an animal that needs things like "food" and "sleep" and "rad Christmas outfits." Thank God for roaches.

The movie Joe's Apartment--Jerry O'Connell's finest work--features an army of musical, six-legged beasts doing what they do best: helping slackers from the mid-'90s get laid. While it may not have made a ton of cash at the box office, this is the perfect flick for you and your (unknown) house guests to kick back and enjoy together, while wallowing in your own fantastic slobbery.

Plus, if you have roaches and you don't have any friends you've got plenty of time for shitty MTV movies.

Oliver & Company

What's that? An animated Disney movie on this epic list of awesome animal films? You better believe it is; cool guy.

All you need to know about Oliver & Company is that there's a talking cartoon cat trying to make his way in New York City. Oh, and did we mention the cat is voiced by JOEY FREAKING LAWRENCE? That's right; before he was running game on Blossom's friends, JL was a 12-year-old kid voicing kitties in Disney movies. Still not convinced that this movie should be tops on the list for you and your feline's date night? How about the fact that Billy Joel plays the role of his street-smart mentor AND belts out a hit single while wearing sunglasses? A DOG WEARING SUNGLASSES!?!? The only thing better than that would be a dog fighting crime! It's too bad Hollywood never thought of that.

Turner & Hooch

BOOM! Just when you thought you and your dog had nothing in common, here comes a tale of Tom Hanks and Beasley the Dog (nothing makes me happier than when the dog gets his own name in the credits) solving murders, make romantic connections, and wrecking cars in the most hilarious ways possible. This movie should be required viewing for everyone who wants to own a murder-solving, romantic-connection-making, super-dog who personally knows Tom Hanks.

And isn't that all any of us really want?

Howard the Duck

On the surface, Howard the Duck is just like any other romantic/action/comedy movie you've ever seen:

Mutant duck from outer space accidentally ends up in Cleveland. Duck meets sexy struggling female singer. Romance and sexual innuendos ensue. Duck does karate. Duck destroys monsters from outer space. Duck manages sexy female singer's musical career.

But once you get past the amazing effects and the most sensual love scene ever shot, you see that this movie is really about people who love ducks, hate space monsters, and REALLY love Tim Robbins. Whether you have a real-life talking duck from outer space, or you just hear things because you've huffed a bunch of gas, this movie is a can't-miss stop on your journey through cinematic animal excellence.

For more information on this Thursday's showing of Tragedy on the Sea Nymph, click here. For details on any of the movies above, go stalk Wikipedia.


Tragedy on the Sea Nymph from machine project on Vimeo.