Great Scott! Christopher Lloyd Filming in Minnesota


Christopher Lloyd is a little like Michael Caine in that he's a working actor who pretty much always has a slew of projects lined up. However, most people probably know him as Dr. Emmett Brown ("Doc") in the Back to the Future series, or from the late-'70s TV show Taxi.

Since late February Lloyd has been spotted in Virginia, Minnesota, posing with fans and patronizing various businesses. He's in town shooting an indie flick through mid-March. The crew is moving to Minneapolis sometime next week.

The movie, I Am Not a Serial Killer, is a thriller based on a 2009 novel of the same name by horror writer Dan Wells. The story follows a teen boy who is obsessed with death and serial killers. His family, who own a local mortuary, seek treatment for their son. Things get tense when a series of strange murders starts happening around the small town.

The film began shooting in late February, and will be finishing up in Virginia sometime this week. The movie also stars Max Records (the kid in Where the Wild Things Are), Tim Russell (A Prairie Home Companion), and Laura Fraser (Breaking Bad).

As for sightings, Lloyd was recently spotted having a meal at Sawmill Saloon, where he posed with staffers for a picture. The film has also employed locals as extras, in addition to using various homes and services during production.

Fans of Lloyd and the rest of the cast will want to be on the lookout next week, as the crew will be moving to Minneapolis to shoot additional scenes (there's no word yet on who will be in the Cities).

I Am Not a Serial Killer is slated for a 2016 release.