Graywolf Press poet Vijay Seshadri wins Pulitzer Prize


Folks over at Graywolf Press were probably popping champagne last night, as it was announced that its author, Vijay Seshadri, had won a Pulitzer Prize for Poetry. He is the first Asian American to win in the category.

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The winning work, 3 Sections, explores American life and identity in pieces that range from short poems, long-form poetry, and a prose essay on a fishing trip to the Canadian Pacific. "I always wanted to write a book whose title reflected its form," Seshadri said recently in a telephone interview with the New York Times. "I envisioned seven, but I only made it to three."

Fittingly, 3 Sections was also the third published work for Brooklyn-based Seshadri. Other collections include The Long Meadow and Wild Kingdom.

Graywolf Press currently has three poems from the award-winning publication, which you can read here.