'GQ' names St. Paul one of the worst-dressed cities in the U.S.


It's a list that no one ever wants to make. Men's magazine GQ recently named top 40 least-fashionable cities in America, and the news is not good: St. Paul is worst-dressed city number 24. And while this may be true, the reasons given for this ranking are a little dubious.

The poll cites F. Scott Fitzgerald as an example of the city's sartorial failure, and goes on to imply that residents are not only down with a Super Kmart being in the neighborhood, but predominately shop there before hunkering down for some quality time with Matlock. They also poke some fun at the St. Paul vs. Minneapolis rivalry.

For the most part, Saint Paul takes after its namesake: an old, conservative white dude who doesn't care much for earthly fashions. Consider the haircut on one of its most famous denizens, F. Scott Fitzgerald. It's the kind of place where a Super Kmart doesn't seem like a superfluous eyesore, it's a gosh darn convenient place to purchase appliances, groceries, and yes--clothes--in one big time-saving trip. Meaning there's more hours in the day to watch Matlock or mow the lawn in a giveaway tee and Zubaz. Fortunately, for the few fashion-minded citizens of St. Paul, the much younger, hipper, boutique-strewn Minneapolis is just a bridge away. --Lauren Bans

Ouch! It's a little suspect to hold St. Paul responsible for a haircut that someone wore in the 1920s -- famous or not -- but perhaps there is a little truth to the article's criticisms. While there are certainly some great shops and boutiques in St. Paul, Flirt Boutique and Heimie's Haberdashery being excellent examples, Minneapolis does have the city beat for cool shops per neighborhood. Regardless, Minnesota was also recently crowned the Most Hipster State in the U.S. by Buzzfeed. So who knows if we're cool or not.

We will give GQ extra points for mentioning Zubaz, as the '80s fad was indeed created by a Minnesotan.

So what do you think? Is the article unnecessarily harsh on St. Paul's sense of fashion? Or is the city five pounds away from putting on the elastic-waist jeans and waiting for the 5 p.m. senior dinner special?

You can see what other cities were cited by the fashion police here.