Goodnight Loon puts Minnesota spin on classic children's book

Goodnight Loon puts Minnesota spin on classic children's book
Are you getting tired of reading Goodnight Moon to your kid every night before bed? Two creative types living in Minnesota and Wisconsin have re-imagined the beloved book into a homage to the North Woods region of the Midwest (and Canada). Their indiegogo campaign seeks to raise funds to print the publication while also benefiting a few great causes.

Some of the things that the narrator says good night to include a hungry raccoon, a tater-tot dish, some food on a stick, and seed art. Donations start at $10 (well, you can donate $1, but if you want the book, you have to start at $10). The project has 19 days left to reach $3,300 goal. Currently it's at $242.

The campaign, managed by artist/illustrator Nathaniel Devauer and author Abe Sauer, will also be used to raise funds for a few very Minnesota charities. Some purchasing packages allows folks to donate their book to the Wee Reads program at Children's Hospital and Clinics of Minnesota, and 25 percent of the total proceeds raised will benefit the Audubon Center of the North Woods.

Contribution thank-yous are pretty darn Minnesota in flavor as well, and include things like book dedications from Garrison Keillor, Jesse Ventura action dolls, and even a penned and illustrated letter addressed to your Mayor concerning any potholes on your street.

To check out the project, and see more examples of artwork from the piece, visit

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