God help us: There's a $130 'hipster nativity set'

The most insufferable Christmas yet!

The most insufferable Christmas yet!

If the humble birth of Jesus Christ doesn't vibe with your North Loop lifestyle, you've got an option this holiday season. 

The Hipster Nativity Set, available now for $129.99, takes all your favorite Xmas players -- Mary, Joseph, the Three Wise Men, etc. -- and re-brands them for the Whole Foods generation.

The 7-inch polyresin figurines feature a man-bunned Joseph snapping a selfie, Mary guzzling a latte, the Wise Men delivering Amazon Prime gifts atop Segways, an organic cow eating gluten-free feed, and various other symptoms of gentrified Bethlehem. The Christ Child remains period-appropriate, but he's now swaddled beneath a manger that's sustainably powered by solar panels. 

"It’s the first thing anyone notices when they walk into my living room -- I get a lot of compliments on it," reads a five-star product review from "Verified Buyer" Jessica.

If you'd rather spend $120 on artisanal candy canes, Target's selling the classic (and progressively multi-racial!) Nativity scene for $10.