Glitter-bombing to be featured on 'Glee' this season [VIDEO]

Sue Sylvester gets a taste of the rainbow.

Sue Sylvester gets a taste of the rainbow.

Minnesotan inventors have given the world Post-Its, Spam, and now: the glitter bomb.

This latest phenom, invented by local activist Nick Espinosa, has just achieved the highest echelon of cultural validation: A character on the hit TV show Glee is set to get g-bombed.

"I definitely didn't expect this," says Espinosa.


This particularly lovely bit of political protest was first exacted on Newt Gingrich at a book signing this spring. The story went viral and the same fate awaited Tim Pawlenty, Michele Bachmann, and other politicians who are stumping on anti-gay marriage platforms. Just this weekend, the anti-gay marriage booth at the State Fair got a flurry of glitter from the ski lift ride.

The glitter bomb even caught the attention of the New York Times, which dedicated an entire column to the concept.

But while compliments from the Grey Lady are certainly something to be proud of, there's something altogether different and thrilling about evil coach Sue Sylvester being glitter-bombed on one of the hottest shows on TV.

Although Espinosa is not a mega-fan of the show (he's seen a few episodes), the impact is not lost on him.

"I think it's pretty fantastic. It's sort of a new level of pop-culture recognition," he says. "The New York Times was cool, but Glee is huge and it's a culturally significant place for glitter-bombs to appear."

Check out the preview below:

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