Glenn Beck comes to Lizz Winstead's defense over Oklahoma tornado jokes

Glenn Beck comes to Lizz Winstead's defense over Oklahoma tornado jokes
photo by Mindy Tucker for City Pages

Yesterday afternoon, as news of the tragic tornado in Oklahoma was breaking, Lizz Winstead fired off a string of tweets that injected the situation with her brand of political spin.

"This tornado is in Oklahoma," she wrote at 3:30 p.m., "so clearly it has been ordered to only target conservatives." (She has since deleted the tweet, at the request, she says, of Oklahoma residents).

She followed with this a few minutes later:

Backlash came fast and furious. But at first, Winstead stuck by the jokes.

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At 3:40 p.m., a man who identified himself as an "Oklahoman" tweeted at Winstead that her comments might result in an unfollow. She replied with the rationale behind her tweets:

As the scale of the twister's damage emerged, though, Winstead changed course.

Just before 6 p.m., she tweeted her first apology:

She's a Minnesotan, she continued. She should know better:

More backtracking continued ("I was an idiot"), and an hour later, she was fully behind the cause:

But the mea culpas didn't satisfy the Twitterverse. As tweeters continued to pile on, back-up came from the most surprising of allies.

Little love has ever been lost between Winstead, a staunch lefty, and Glenn Beck, the conservative political commentator who reigned at FOX News until 2011, and who now hosts the Glenn Beck Radio Program. Back in 2010, Winstead cracked on the radio about a fantasy that involved Beck and an electric dog collar that would deliver a shock if he deviated from the facts ("Force him to wear it," she said).

But after 9 last night, Beck called off his conservative dogs and stepped to Winstead's defense, tweeting:

Winstead once told us that she uses Twitter as a tool to test new jokes, and her followers as a kind of focus group. This one, we're guessing, won't make it into her standup routine. But whatever joke she comes up with about finding Beck in her corner? That we're looking forward to hearing.

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