Glam Slam Clothing Swap: "I took that idea and basically put it on steroids"

Glam Slam Clothing Swap: "I took that idea and basically put it on steroids"

This Saturday, Gamut Gallery in Minneapolis will host its seventh dress-up party. Attendees are asked to bring clothing they no longer want, and in return they can take home garments other guests brought along.

While a clothing swap isn't a new concept, Jade Patrick, director of Gamut Gallery, says that Glam Slam has some unique twists. At the event, shoppers can have their hair and makeup professionally done by Salon Ori and the Beauty Lounge Minneapolis, and they will be encouraged to model their finds in a photobooth hosted by professional photographers Sarah Knapp and Bethany Birnie. DJ Omaur Bliss will provide music for a high-energy party.

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Glam Slam Clothing Swap: "I took that idea and basically put it on steroids"

Patrick first heard of the idea of a clothing swap from her hairstylist, AmberJean of Salon Ori, who has held small clothing swaps in her home.

"I took that idea and basically put it on steroids," Patrick says. "With music, photography, and stylists, we can get people outside of their comfort zone to let loose and be free."

In addition to hosting a fun night, Patrick is passionate about repurposing clothing and minimizing waste.

"Letting go of that cool hat you got while on vacation with you buddies -- the one that's been collecting dust since -- or that dress you wore on that super-magical date -- the one that hasn't fit in years and probably won't ever again -- can be hard to do," she says. "When you see someone breathe fresh life into your memorabilia, you will be so happy that it lives on. Even if your clothing and accessories have no sentimental value, bringing them to a swap can save those things from the landfill because one's trash can be another's treasure."

Before the swap begins, guests are encouraged to arrive on time to enjoy music and light refreshments while they take in Gamut Gallery's latest exhibit "Almost Yesterday," a solo show of paintings and prints by street artist Eleventh Wonder. There will also be early-bird shopping specials.

After the swap, attendees are invited to an afterparty at Dakota Jazz Club, where James Patrick Plays will debut.


Glam Slam
6-9 p.m. Saturday, September 21
Gamut Gallery
1006 Marquette Ave., Minneapolis

After Party:

11 p.m.-2:00 a.m.
Dakota Jazz Club
1010 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis

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Gamut Gallery

717 S. 10th St.
Minneapolis, MN 55404


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