Girl Shorts Returns with More Plays by Women


Theatre Unbound's Girl Shorts is back, and it's bigger and better than ever. This year's festival of plays by women features efforts from 20% Theatre, Gadfly Theatre Productions, Table Salt Productions, Erin Sheppard Presents, and Raw Sugar. New this year will be seven films screened at Intermedia Arts.

This is Theatre Unbound's third year producing the festival, and the second that the company has enlisted other women-friendly companies to create their own shows. The shortest play is five minutes long, and the longest is 30. They will be presented in three different one-hour blocks, so you can come back and have a new experience on each night. 
Stacey Poirier, Theatre Unbound's artistic director, says that what audiences appreciate about the festival is that they can go and see so many different things in one seating. "It's snack size portions," she says. "They'll like at least one of the ones in the set." 

There are quite a few abstract pieces this year. "They're not so literal. It takes a bit of brain power to ingest them," she says. "I'm excited about the whole spectrum of what people have brought to the table this year."

Theatre Unbound is producing Workout by Wendy Wasserstein, a comedy about having it all, and Lily by Sally Nemeth, a piece about two immigrant sisters who reconstruct the secrets that haunt their small town. They're also presenting a collaboratively created piece, and two early 20th-century plays, The Illuminati in Drama Libre by Allison Gerstenberg and Hortense Flexner's Voices

Raw Sugar is presenting a devised work, based on Commedia del Arte characters, involving middle school girls and synchronized swimming. Gadfly is putting together a collection of short scenes and monologues examining the intersection of queer and female inequity. 

Table Salt Productions is presenting Shades of Ginger, a work about a country music singer who is desperately trying to win back her fan base after a scandal, and 20% is putting on Whiskey Town by the Ivey Award-winning Serafina Nova. There will also be several dance pieces by Erin Sheppard. 



Girl Shorts

Saturday and Sunday afternoons this weekend and next

People's Center Theatre

425 20th Ave. S., Minneapolis.

The films will be shown on Thursday, March 12 at Intermedia Arts.