Girl Shorts returns

Girl Shorts returns
Boobs created and performed by Molly Zupon and Kari Kelly

For a second year in a row, Theatre Unbound is presenting Girl Shorts, a festival featuring one-act plays by women writers. Now bigger and better, the event includes playwrights such as Wendy Wasserstein and Leslie Ayvazian, as well as projects put together by other local companies like Mad Munchkin Productions and Freshwater Theater.

Tender Offer, written by Wendy Wasserstein, featuring Bruce Abas and Abby Hawkinson
Tender Offer, written by Wendy Wasserstein, featuring Bruce Abas and Abby Hawkinson

Stacey Poirier, Theatre UnBound's artistic director, says that Girl Shorts started last year when the company found a bunch of one acts that they wanted to produce. So, they put together an evening of entertainment. This year, they'll be broadening that one night. "We wanted to expand it this year to a festival atmosphere," she says. 

Rather than just one set format, Girl Shorts is divided into three different portions. Each set is an hour block containing two to three different shows, with different sets performing in different orders each day of the festival. Depending on the day, audiences can come to see just one set or catch all three. 

While Theatre UnBound didn't plan to choose a theme this year, Poirier says certain tones emerged. For instance, set B is the most risqué. There's K&M's (Kari Kelly and Molly Zupon's) remount of Boobs, last seen at the Minnesota Fringe Festival; Sunday in the Park with Carla, by Amanda Petefish-Schrag and presented by Freshwater; and Lives of the Great Waitresses, by Nina Shengold. 

Meanwhile set C has more of a child-centered theme. There's Mad Munchkin's production of Monster Bloodbath, written and composed by Jen Rand; Tender Offer, by Wendy Wasserstein; and Deaf Day, by Leslie Ayvazian.  

Inviting other companies to perform in the festival is one of the main ways that Theatre UnBound hoped to expand. "We'd love to have mostly other companies doing works next year," she says. 

Part of the idea is to encourage other companies to do plays written by women. Theatre UnBound has been fighting the fight since 1999, but "there's only so much we can do," Poirier says. "Unless we can get others to change their views about the way plays are picked." 


Girl Shorts
Friday, February 22 through March 2
Woman's Club of Minneapolis
410 Oak Grove St., Minneapolis
See here for a full breakdown of performances.

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The Woman's Club of Minneapolis

410 Oak Grove St.
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