Gilmore Guys podcast: A bro's guide to understanding Gilmore Girls


When it comes to bro-life, there are a few basic rules.

First, graphic T-shirts and cargo pants never go out of style. Second, bros are only allowed to watch sweet-ass TV shows like Trailer Park Boys, Entourage, and Gilmore Girls.

[Record scratch]

Okay, while Gilmore Girls might not seem like it's the most bro-tastic choice of television, Kevin T. Porter and Demi Adejuyigbe are breaking down barriers as co-hosts of the smash podcast Gilmore Guys.

The premise is pretty basic: Each week, Porter (a die-hard Gilmore Girls fan) and Adejuyigbe (a total GG-n00b) dissect and analyze specific episodes of the classic family drama. Though it might sound like a spoof, Porter is quick to point out that the podcast is definitely authentic.

"A lot of people will hear about the show and think, 'Gilmore Guys?! Dudes talking about a show for chicks? Sign me up!'" he says. "But we aren't sarcastic or snarky about it."

In fact, the most endearing part of the show is the contrast in Gilmore knowledge between the two hosts.

"A lot of the early episodes were just Demi figuring out if he liked the show or not," Porter says. "For me, I like episodes that are more about the random people in town and less about the family," Adejuyigbe adds.

The show has gained such a following that the guys have begun hitting the road and bringing their podcast to Gilmore-loving towns all across the country for special "Stars Hollow Town Meetings" (for non-fans, Stars Hollow is the fictional town in Connecticut where the show takes place).

"These live events are kind of a geeky fan thing," admits Porter. "There's an element of celebration that comes with the show, and it's really fun to be in a room with a whole bunch of people who all love geeking out about the exact same thing."

This week, the dudes will be at the Woman's Club of Minneapolis, where they'll be digging into season six, episode 11: "The Perfect Dress." Joining the guys will be local comedian Brandi Brown, who will bring a female perspective to the show, so as not to let the testosterone get too out of control.

While the recent news that Netflix will bring Gilmore Girls back for a limited engagement means that Porter and Adejuyigbe will be able carry on the show for a bit longer, Porter says that he sees a bright future for the podcast, even after they leave Stars Hollow.

"I've never watched season seven," Porter admits. "So Demi and I will be watching it for the first time together. After that, we're going to cover a show called Bunheads, which was [Gilmore Girls creator] Amy Sherman-Palladino's next project."

For now, however, the guys are comfortable to continue celebrating the lives of Lorelai, Rory, and the rest of the Gilmore gang. "I think the reason our shows have been so successful is because [Gilmore Girls] is a show that doesn't take itself too seriously, and our podcast embraces that same spirit," says Porter.


Gilmore Guys Live

Saturday, March 5, 7-9 p.m.

Woman's Club of Minneapolis


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