Get this tattoo, receive minor clothing discount


Clothing deals are generally a good thing. However, the latest discount offered at Mark Ecko Cut & Sew and Ecko Unltd. stores takes brand loyalty to another level. Titled "Branded for Life," the trendy clothing store is offering a permanent 20 percent discount to anyone who gets a tattoo of one of the company's logos on their body.

[jump] Participants are invited to choose from two logos: a rhino in a target or skull scissors. Folks are allowed to customize their designs, including adding color or embedding the logo in a bigger ink piece; however, the logo cannot be altered.

Once inked, the newly-tatted person will be cleared to receive 20 percent off of purchases at either store for the rest of their life. Be sure to read the fine print though: This deal is only good in stores in the U.S. and Puerto Rico, cannot be used online, and cannot be combined with any other deals.

The offer is also not valid for employees, but this inevitably brings up the point that getting a part-time job at the store might be the better deal anyway. After all, you can quit a job for free. Tattoos aren't as easy (or cheap) to get rid of.

To download a logo template, visit the store's website