'Game of Thrones' geography bee tests whether you know Winterfell from Casterly Rock


How closely have you been paying attention to the opening credits of Game of Thrones? Or HBO's ever-changing online map for the show, itemized by episode? You'll want to brush up on both before Trivia Mafia's special evening. 

Next Saturday, August 5, the pub-trivia crew will be testing your knowledge of the world of Game of Thones with a geography test like no other. With its huge cast of revolving characters, often from their own regions and cities, there's a lot to cover. So study up on your continents (eg., Westeros), kingdoms (eg., Dorne), cities (eg., Meereen), and landmarks (eg., Castle Black), and make sure you know where they fall on the map.

The evening will be organized by Trivia Mafia, masters of knowledge aided by beer and friendly debate. Downtown St. Paul's Amsterdam Bar will host, with admission at $6 to watch, $12 to play. The doors open at 7 p.m., and prizes include gift cards and a variety of GoT schwag. 

Find tickets here.