Gadfly Theatre Productions Takes Queer! on Tour


Gadfly Theatre Productions launches a pop-up gallery tour of their hit show, Queer!, this weekend with an engagement at Fox Egg Gallery. Based on over 100 submissions and interviews, the play shares stories of the LGBTQ community through monologues and group scenes. In addition to the Fox Egg show, Queer! is also heading to Cherokee Park United Church and Muffin Top Café. 

In 2013, Gadfly premiered the show at the Bisexual Organizing Project's Because Conference before launching a tour in June that year. The script is based on interviews and submissions from over 100 people on the LGBTQIA spectrum, and largely consists of group monologues and short scenes with two or three people. The stories portray marginalization, oppression, and identity, but also explore ways of finding community and inclusive spaces. While the work can be heavy at times, there are moments of humor as well. 

The play, performed by six actors playing multiple characters and one emcee, has changed somewhat from the original production. The cast is mostly new, and there are additional and updated monologues. Stylistically, Queer! uses a few props and chairs, but the piece is mostly rooted in how the performers portray their characters.

Gadfly has been doing work in the Twin Cities for over five years, and has a growing audience. "We have people that have followed us from the beginning, but as the audience grew, they've given a lot of positive feedback," says Cassandra Snow, who directs the production.

While Snow says she worries sometimes that the company will only be seen as issues-based, Gadfly is trying to tell stories that you wouldn't hear otherwise. The cast for the production includes Immanuel Elliott, Beckett Love, Beth Anne Nelson Stolp, Coletrane T. Johnson, Dana Lee Thompson, Jay Simmons, and Nikolas Martell. 



$10; 7:30 p.m.

Sunday, January 18 at Fox Egg Gallery

Saturday, January 24 at Cherokee Park United Church

Sunday, January 25 at Muffin Top Café

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