'Full Moon Skate' this Friday at the Depot Coffee House

So much of what makes summertime great is the fact that even after the sun goes down, it's still often pleasant enough to stay outside long into the night. For those of you who are usually too antsy to sit for an evening nightcap on the stoop or make s'mores over a bonfire, there is another option to satisfy your restless legs.

This Friday, the Depot Coffee House is hosting an evening skate night. It's no coincidence that they chose this particular Friday, either. After the sun goes down there will be a bright full moon.


The Full Moon Skate will feature three different options for inline skaters of all abilities (though skaters must know how to properly brake). There will be 15-, 11-, and 6-mile route options to choose from that will take skaters along the Greenway, Lake of the Isles, and Lake Calhoun. Before strapping on safety gear (helmets are required), skaters are welcome to gather at the Depot patio at 8 p.m. for live music before people take off at 8:30 p.m. Skaters are welcome back after their evening adventure with more live music, food, and hanging out.

Depot Coffee House is located at 9451 Excelsior Blvd. in Hopkins. More information can be found at Minnesota Skate Adventures.