'Fruit Sticker Art' to be featured at the Mississippi Market Coop


Sure, some of us have collected gum wrappers in order to make jewelry, or perhaps hoarded pop tabs to thread on a string as some kind of garbage fashion statement. But how many people have attempted to create masterpieces from the stickers that come on produce? The creative artists at this gallery show have certainly been eating their daily allotment of fruits and veggies.

[jump] This weekend marks the opening of the small but interesting show aptly titled "Fruit Sticker Art." Images created using adhesive-only materials proclaiming "organically grown" and "bananas" feature bicycles, animals, and portraits. A group show, artists include fabric artist and designer Andrea McCormack, creative lawyer Richard Carlson, and comic creator Andy Singer.

So how did they collect all of the stickers? According to Singer, all three lived in the same apartment building in St. Paul. Together, they collected stickers through eating lots fruits and veggies, and saving the stickers on wax paper. Once a hefty amount of had been collected (images can take hundreds of stickers each), they would get together and create their pieces.

The artists will be on hand for this weekend's opening reception 2 to 3 p.m. Sunday, November 14. Mississippi Market is located at 1500 West Seventh Street in Saint Paul. The show will be up until December 14.