From Target to 44th & France: Casey and Jamie Carl share a love for fashion at Serge + Jane

Teasers for the store opening were dramatic.

Teasers for the store opening were dramatic. Serge + Jane

The 44th & France shopping district has a cool new tenant.

Serge + Jane boutique is helmed by two former Target employees (and IRL couple), Casey and Jamie Carl. The shop features men’s and women’s clothing, accessories, and home goods. City Pages chatted with the Carls about their retail backgrounds, their vision for the store, why they love the neighborhood, and a few of the brands they’ll be carrying.

Oh, did we mention there will be champagne sabers?

City Pages: Why did you name your store after former lovers Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin?

Jamie: We are inspired by Serge and Jane. Serge was a famous French musician and Jane was an English model, actress, singer—and the inspiration behind the Hermès Birkin bag. They were each individually successful, creative, and strong, but together they created magic and mischief. Our space will be much like their vibe: laid-back, rebellious, sexy, passionate, moody, and full of art, fashion, and music.

Casey and Jamie Carl at an art installation

Casey and Jamie Carl at an art installation Serge + Jane

CP: What can we find at Serge + Jane?

Jamie: We will offer cool fashion and accessories, vintage and vinyl records, unique home decor, and edgy gift items.

We have Belstaff leather jackets and Toboggan winter coats for men and women; Sol Angeles casual, U.S.-made apparel for men and women; Moon River, a vintage-inspired yet modern women's brand that works for the office, dressing up, or even hanging out; and Pistola denim, which is classic and trendy at the same time with flared jeans and denim jumpsuits in the mix. We have beautiful jewelry, CBD, an apothecary, and hip candle lines, cocktail infusion kits, champagne sabers for popping bottles, and so much more.

CP: What did your previous jobs teach you about opening a retail store?

Jamie: Combined, we have been in retail for over 40 years.... So we feel uniquely qualified to deliver something relevant, meaningful, and yet surprising and inspiring to the market. We want people to feel like, "F yeah! This is amazing!" every time they walk in to Serge + Jane.

CP: Why the 44th & France area? What drew you to that neighborhood?

Jamie: We live in the area and know how special it is.... We know when homecoming is, or when to put out winter hats in September because it was cool when we walked to work that morning.

Views from inside the shop

Views from inside the shop Serge + Jane

CP: What’s your favorite thing in the store right now and why?

Jamie: Casey's answer is the easiest: Vinyl, of course! He has over 9,000 records in his personal collection and has worked with Mill City Records to curate a special assortment of new and used vinyl to sell in the shop. He will also be spinning on occasion or perhaps by special request.

Casey: Jamie's is a much harder choice. Every time we open a new box, it's like Christmas to her. One of everything is her favorite.

Serge + Jane
4532 France Ave. S., Edina
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