French supermodel selling 'Gatsby'-inspired Edina home

Provided you're cool with the $26,719 annual tax bill, this beauty can be all yours.

Provided you're cool with the $26,719 annual tax bill, this beauty can be all yours. Edina Realty

Wanna live like a French model/actress in Minnesota's toniest 'burb? Very specific request, my odd friend, but an option exists: 4924 Green Farms Circle in Edina.

The six bedroom, six bathroom, 9,159 sq. ft. home hit the market this week for $3.35 million. Its current onwers are Emily Caillon-Chene, a French model/actress, and her husband David Chene, a finance exec, the Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journal reports

How they livin'? Pretty posh, as you might expect.

Built in 1998, the recently expanded and remodeled property boasts a wine cellar, a gym, a movie theater/bar area, and a library. Everything is tethered to a Savant System, a sort of benevolent HAL 9000 that digitally replaces switches and knobs. The design of the home is based on Long Island's Gould-Guggenheim mansion, a site that apparently inspired F. Scott "Pride of St. Paul" Fitzgerald's magnum opus, The Great Gatsby. You be the judge! 

The Chenes purchased the home from Republican Minnesota House representative Dario Anselmo, who previously owned the Fine Line Music Cafe in Minneapolis, for $2.5 million in 2014. 

Here's the listing pitch, from Edina Realty's Pauline Olsen (click here for the listing + more photos): 

Prepared to be WOWED! Chateau Edina, exquisite and sophisticated family home designed after the Guggenheim Estate in New York. This French Provincial was remodeled last year. It boasts of 6 bedrooms! The upper level has four bedrooms, a giant playroom and student study. Kitchen is completely gourmet, library and den are a stunning throwback to Gatsby and a dining room with a built in exposed wine cellar along the back wall is to die for! The basement is made to entertain! Savant System Included!

Wanna take a gander at some sweet pix? Let's take a gander at some sweet pix.

All images courtesy of Edina Realty