Frank Gaard: 100 Creatives

Frank Gaard: 100 Creatives
Frank Gaard at Shinders

Number 45: Frank Gaard

City: Minneapolis

Years spent living in MN: 45 years

For the past 40 years, notorious artist Frank Gaard has added a healthy dose of color, criticism, and humor to the local creative scene. His work knows no boundaries, as he often draws inspiration from a mix of subjects, including pop culture, politics, personal relationships, and ladies panties. For 20 years he penned Art Police, a zine Gaard produced from 1974 to 1994. His more current works include intensely colorful portraits of people in his day-to-day life. Gaard will be the subject of the Walker Art Center's latest exhibition, "Frank Gaard: Poison & Candy," a retrospective exploring his prolific and daring career which opens this week.

[Warning: Some images after the jump are NSFW]

Frank Gaard: 100 Creatives
Bride Machine

Name three things that are inspiring your work right now:

1. Rihanna, Drake, Big Sean -- hip hop and hip hop pop.

2. Liberation in Mid-east

3. Old films

Name three things that inspired and/or motivated you as a budding creative type:

1.Pop and op art

2. Marcel Duchamp

3. Georges Bataille

Frank Gaard: 100 Creatives

What was your last big project?

I've been working on a career survey for Walker Art Center. [Opening Thursday, January 26]

What do you have going on now or coming up in the near future that should be on our radar?

I will be talking about my work at the Walker as part of my show on Thursday, February 9 in the gallery.

Creative/career high point (so far)?

Staying alive, relevant, and vital.

What has been your biggest challenge as a creative type?

Selling work.

Frank Gaard: 100 Creatives

What has been your most surprising discovery as an artist?

How much I love music and color.

Do you have a suggestion for someone whose work we should be checking out? Feel free to leave your top picks in the comments.

Past creatives, so far:

100. Jennifer Davis
99. Sean Smuda
98. Chuck U
96. Amy Rice
95. Kara Hendershot

70. Tim Sievert
67. Dessa
66. Heidi Arneson
65. Erin Currie
64. Jayme Halbritter
63. Amy Buchanan
62. Kimberly Jurek
61. Kenna-Camara Cottman
60. Joan Vorderbruggen
59. Amber Preston
58. Jenny Carle
57. Mad King Thomas
56. George Moskal
55. Gregory Euclide
54. Stacy Schwartz
53. Joshua English Scrimshaw
52. Courtney McLean
50. Andy Sturdevant
49. Erika Backberg
47. Emily J. Snyder of Queen Quills Calligraphy
46. ROLU

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