Fox Den now offers 'quiet chair,' a low-intensity salon experience

Because social anxiety shouldn't stop you from having green hair.

Because social anxiety shouldn't stop you from having green hair.

For those with anxiety issues, making chit-chat while getting a haircut can be a stressful experience. For those with other types of challenges, bright lights and and certain sounds can be too intense. And sometimes busy people need to multi-task, even in their moments of pampering.

Enter Fox Den Salon's quiet chair option.

This week, the business announced that it will be offering specialized no-pressure setups for those in need of slightly tweaked services. That can include changing the lighting, not engaging in conversations beyond pre-consulation on hair, or just letting you surf the web on your phone while they do their thing.

"After discussing your hair service, we respect quiet-chair guests’ need for space," the announcement states. "We appreciate your requests, and will turn down the forward-facing lights... We will do our best to let you enjoy the peace and achieve your hair goals in an environment that suits your needs! No love lost if you need some peace." 

This type of appointment is offered during shop hours. Folks can sign up by explaining their needs via the phone or upon checking in. If you're phone-averse, you can make an appointment online and simply check the quiet-chair box. Or tell your hairstylist about your needs during the service.

Fox Den Salon
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