Four Humors' Lolita,

Courtesy of Four Humors

Four Humors' extremely popular piece from the Minnesota Fringe Festival (it was the top-selling show at the Illusion Theater) travels south to be part of the first Adventure Theatre Festival in Plainview. The festival features four different productions over two weekends, along with a special presentation by Live Action Set during Sunday's Corn on the Cob Days parade. The first weekend showcases Sandbox Theatre's Suitcase (a short-play compilation) and Four Humors' Lolita: A Three-Man Show. The latter is a fast-paced interpretation of Stanley Kubrick's film that makes a considerable shift in tone by casting, as the title indicates, a trio of guys in all of the roles. That gives burly Brant Miller a chance to connect with his feminine side as the title character, Ryan Lear doing his best (or worst?) James

Mason as the middle-aged man in love with the teenage girl, and Matt Spring as everyone else. The piece is designed to be on the edge of collapse at every turn, and those moments are some of the funniest bits of the piece. And while it is all played for humor, the show (crafted by Nick Ryan and directed by Jason Ballweber) doesn't lose sight of just how creepy all of the action is, as two older men vie for the attentions of a young girl. That plays out brilliantly in the final moments, which put a perfect capper on the show. This, and the other attractions, definitely are worth a trip down to Plainview this weekend. –by ed huyck

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