Four Free Things To Do This Week

This week in free things to do we have a reading from a notable author, a truly awful sci-fi flick from the '70s, a beer party, and an art exhibition from Dim Media.

Come take a look at our list and plan your week.

Cheryl Strayed

(Concordia University Buetow Music Center Auditorium, 1282 Concordia Ave., Saint Paul, 651-641-8248)

At 22, Cheryl Strayed's life flew into a downward spiral when after the death of her mother she began using heroin as a coping mechanism. Her relatives kept their distance while her husband filed for divorce. At 26, she sought recovery, and decided to take a solo 1,100-mile hike along the Pacific Crest Trail. Her best-selling memoir, Wild, follows her as she makes this journey, flashing back to critical moments in her life. This Monday, the Minnesota native will be in town to talk about the book, which was recently made into a much-buzzed about film starring Reese Witherspoon. 7 p.m. Monday.



(Black Forest Inn, 1 E. 26th St, Minneapolis)

The year was 1974. Celebrities were allowed to have lots of body hair, and sci-fi cinema got really weird. Zardoz is a film that will make you feel like you're on acid even if you're stone-cold sober. It stars a post James Bond Sean Connery as Zed, a gun-toting dude who rocks a side braid and a loincloth. The flick takes place in 2293, a time where flying stone heads zoom around killing people. There's also some psychic immortals, and enslaved people. The Wikipedia plot description for this movie is about 1,000 words long and, as you can see, the trailer makes absolutely no sense. So, if you're a lover of weird movies from the '70s, this one is going to be awesome. There will be free popcorn, but you'll also probably want to order a tall beer from the bar as well. 8 p.m. Tuesday.

Craft-y-Beer Event

(Dangerous Man Brewing Co., 1300 2nd St. NE, Minneapolis,

What's the best way to get over hump day? With a beer party. This Wednesday, Dangerous Man Brewing Co. will be lifting spirits with lots of fun in their tap room. Sample a variety of beers by ordering up a flight, watch live wheel throwing and see what shapes emerge from the clay, and buy a stein on sale to take home. 6 to 8:30 p.m. Wednesday. 


(Hair Lounge Salon, 2827 Hennepin Ave. S., Minneapolis)

For the past three years, experimental arts group Dim Media has been creating works using stencils and paint. This Thursday, they will be sharing pieces from the resulting project. The series, titled Demiurge, will be on display at the Hair Lounge Salon in Uptown. 6 to 9 p.m. Thursday.