Forever Alone No More: The Grown-Ups Club's Singles' Exchange Helps Friends Play Matchmaker

Friends don't let friends die alone.

That's the unofficial motto the Grown-Up Club, a self-proclaimed group for "wayward adults" that hopes to fill social gaps in the Twin Cities by uniting people with similar interests.

"At the core, Grown-Up Club is kind of a way of making friends," says member Tim Lovett. "There are so many shitty apps and websites out there that are like, 'Hey, meet these cool, hot singles in your area,' but none like, 'Meet someone else who likes to read the same books that you like.'"

[jump] Founded by members Victoria Nohl and Taylor Baldry, the Grown-Up Club is nearing its two-year anniversary. It started with Nohl's idea to host a party at Common Roots, their place of work at the time, based on the concept of standup comedy -- but with a twist. Instead of performers delivering their own standup routine onstage, attendees drew random, original work by other comedians, and had to perform the five-minute pieces sans preparation. What resulted was a uniquely entertaining bit of locally-bred comedy that was so well received the duo decided to continue pitching off-the-wall event ideas.

Since their first event, the club has hosted a slew of interactive happenings, including Capture the Flag in the Walker's Sculpture Garden, a Sexy Underwear Exchange (attendees bedazzled a pair of undies), and a Singles' Exchange. They've also paired with organizations like Pollen, the Minneapolis Pizza Club, and local breweries and restaurants.  

Tonight's event, the Singles Exchange No. 2, is a matchmaker's delight. This gathering offers a chance for those with eligible friends (eligible friends are those who possess devilishly attractive qualities) to match them with other available locals so they can can live happily ever after (or at least experience a few years of romantic bliss).

Those presenting their single friends can create a PowerPoint expressing their friend's personality, hobbies, embarrassing quirks, and pics (both stunning and not-so). After the presentations, matchmakers and attendees can mingle and set up possible dates. The singles in question aren't allowed to attend, so candid conversations are sure to be prolific, and fun facts not typically found on a dating site will be revealed.  

This round's Exchange features a larger venue, which means more attendees and more potential matches. The Grown-Up Club "judges" are asking for submissions in advance, giving a chance for the most hilarious, intriguing, and editorial PowerPoints to be showcased. Presenters who aren't selected for onstage action can still flaunt their friend via "bache-flier," a.k.a. a mini profile offering pics and info. The group is looking for a good balance of genders, ages, backgrounds, and sexual orientations.

"Each month, we host a different participatory and ridiculous event as a way of building community," Baldry says. "We are trying to create events to bring together people who are looking for a sense of belonging."

Attending one of the Grown-Up Club's events means experiencing some level of awkwardness. But don't worry, it won't last long, and it's part of the fun. Soon you'll be guffawing your way through the night with a few more digits in your phone than you had before, and that means you're doing it right.


The Singles' Exchange No. 2

7 p.m. Tuesday, February 3

Bryant-Lake Bowl Theater

810 W. Lake St. Minneapolis


For tickets and more information, call visit online.