'FOCI Founders Exhibition' demonstrates the art of glassblowing

Talk about suffering for your art. Glassblowers have to get close to the molten beginnings of their creations with a glorified straw. In order to transform raw materials into glass it takes temperatures of around 2400 °F, and most glassblowing requires temperatures between 1600 and 1900 °F. Considering most Minnesotans complain when the mercury gets above 75 degrees, this is nothing short of impressive.

This weekend, the founders of the FOCI Minnesota Center for Glass Arts want to show people how the whole process works.


As a non-profit space that encourages the local glassblowing community to continue growing, the Minnesota Center for Glass Arts offers a professional environment for learning this intense artform and, according to their website, FOCI is Minnesota's only open-to-the-public glass studio and school.

This weekend is their "Founders Exhibition," in which the FOCI founding artists will showcase their work, while showing off their glassblowing skills during demonstrations. Additionally, they will be sharing the history of their studio with light refreshments provided.

"FOCI Founders Exhibition" at Minnesota Glass Arts will begin with an opening reception on Saturday, July 30 from 6 to 9 p.m. The exhibition will continue to be on display through August 31.