Flee prison at the MOA: Puzzle challenge Escape Game is coming soon


Imagine that you’re in prison and plotting to escape. It takes careful planning and a little teamwork, but eventually you get out of your cell, down the halls, through various locked doors. You’ve solved the puzzle, and your freedom awaits you. You walk past the doors and out into the Mall of America.

That’s one possible scenario coming soon, as the Escape Game has announced that it’s coming to the great Minnesota mall, where it plans to open a flagship location this summer.

For those unfamiliar, escape-room challenges entail a group entering a dire fantasy setting where they must solve puzzles within a set amount of time. These types of games have grown in popularity over the past couple years, showing up at places like Renaissance Fest and in temporary pop-up spots in unused store spaces. The Twin Cities has a couple of local companies who provide this type of experience, including Escape MSP, the Riddle Room, and Trapped Puzzle Rooms.

The Mall of America will be getting their own puzzle-challenge experience with Nashville-based chain the Escape Game. Scenarios include executing a heist, escaping from prison, and returning from Mars. The 3,300 square foot space will be located on the third floor by Sears (perhaps a prison break will inspire you to update your tool box?).

Details on the website are sparse, but more info will be coming soon.