Fitness center formerly known as Calhoun Beach Club is closing

Calhoun Beach Club and Apartments

Calhoun Beach Club and Apartments

If swimming in the iconic rooftop pool atop the (soon to be renamed) Calhoun Beach Club is your summertime luxury, you’re going to have to move into the building if you want to continue to do so.

Aimco, which owns the Uptown adjacent building, announced that it will be closing the athletic facility to the public by the end of summer. The decision is basically another coronavirus cancellation.

“Over the past few months, you’ve likely seen news reports about the COVID-19 related challenges facing the fitness industry,” a letter from “the Aimco Team” states. “Unfortunately, our club is no exception. The pandemic has presented additional obstacles related to membership and operations that have accelerated our plans to reconsider developing the space.”

The owners plan to close parts of the club for an uncertain amount of time, while other areas will remain open to residents as an amenity.

The club will officially close to the public on September 30.

This isn’t the first major change the venue has made this summer; in June Aimco announced that it would be renaming the building, which had been named after Lake Calhoun, which had been named after noted pro-slavery antebellum politician John C. Calhoun.

“Recent events have inspired deeper dialogue and discussion that we are engaging in,” wrote Carole Olite, VP/operations at Aimco. “Today, in alliance with our broader community, we’re announcing our decision to remove Calhoun from our name.”

The club, located right across the street from Bde Maka Ska, opened in the 1920s.

“Many of you have been part of our fitness family for decades, and we remain grateful to you for your loyalty and kinship,” the letter concludes. “While we are sad today, we are excited for the possibilities that remain ahead.”