Firsty Thursday brings variety downtown (with drinks)

<i>Age of Wordsworth</i> perform at<i> Firsty Thursday</i>.

Age of Wordsworth perform at Firsty Thursday.

Four Humors Theater has built a reputation as a small company to watch in recent years, and they've added a monthly showcase for other talents in the Twin Cities to present their work. Since its debut late last year, The Firsty Thursday Show has presented a monthly cabaret at the Loft on Hennepin Avenue. The events feature a full bar, a loose atmosphere, and plenty of young, up-and-coming performers. 

The July cabaret is given over to the Minnesota Fringe Festival, with previews of a dozen shows, from Maximum Verbosity's Camelot in Crumbling: An Arthurian Nightmare to Live Action Set's Fletcher and Zenobia Save the Circus, along with Four Humors own You Only Live Forever Once. 

Company member Ryan Lear took some time to answer a few questions about the program for Dressing Room.


How did the series get started?

Four Humors Theater has a long history of cabaret nights, although never anything as produced as The Firsty Thursday Show. The past impetus has always been a desire to gather together with friends and share the current art that we're enjoying. In the past, this has ranged from spending an evening together watching movies or theater to more structured evenings of cabaret performance at venues like Bedlam Theater's old space. Typically these were informal and loosely structured gatherings consisting mostly of just our close friends in the theater community, but we've always wanted them to be a bigger event with a wider appeal.

The Firsty Thursday Show was born when we obtained our rehearsal space in downtown Minneapolis and were able to work into our lease a monthly performance slot on the fourth floor of the building in the Loft. Our landlord has become a great partner to work with and we wouldn't be able to do this show without his support.

What sets this cabaret apart from other similar offerings? 

Our goal is for this to not be your typical open mic cabaret evening where everything is a work in progress, but as an evening of performance-ready art curated by Four Humors Theater. There is a hungry audience for independent theater and performance in this town and we hope that The Firsty Thursday Show can be both a jumping off point for new audience members unfamiliar with the scene as well as a hub for existing audiences looking for new companies and performers to explore.

Also as a collaborative theater company, the show gives us a great chance to build closer relationships with performers whose work we admire. We hope that the evening can be a breeding ground for collaboration and future works.
How has the audience reacted to the series so far? 

The audience reaction has been extremely positive and we've been seeing our numbers slowly grow as the word gets out about the show. We have seen a lot of regulars starting to attend to see what new acts we're bringing in as well as what new material Four Humors has come up with.

There are some regularly occurring characters we've created (like Hercules the Southern Dandy Chef and Sarge the Bartender) that people have really taken a liking to and we're enjoying the challenge of writing new material for the show each month even with all of the other productions we have going on throughout the year. We're really proud of the product we're putting up on the stage and are confident that audiences will have a great evening of entertainment (and drinking) if they decide to come and join us for the first Thursday of every month.


The Firsty Thursday Show

711 Hennepin Ave.

$10/$12 at the door

7 p.m. Thursday, July 7