Fifth-annual Twin Cities Improv Fest this weekend

In the world of improvisation, planning is against the rules. After all, if someone plots out what they are going to say or do ahead of time, it's not exactly improvisation anymore. But the folks over at HUGE Theater, though they are improvisers, know how to plan when the opportunity arises. And for this weekend, they've planned to host a whole lot of improv.

The fifth-annual Twin Cities Improv Festival begins at HUGE Theater with shows by Interplanetary Appeal; Adventures of Tim, Troy & Damian; the Minneapples; Unfurled; What If?; the Cascade; ComedySportz; and a show by the five founding members of HUGE Theater themselves.

And that's just the first night.

Each day through Sunday evening folks from across the nation will be gathering together to put on shows and teach workshops. Chicago-based improvisor TJ Jagodowski will be teaching a class called "Organic Two-Person Scenes," Shana Merlin from Texas will host "Improvisational Singing," Peter McNerney from New York will hold a workshop called "The Math of Comedy: Patterns & Group Games," and Minnesota's own Stevie Ray will be discussing "What We Laugh At...And Why?" There are many more workshops planned.

For a full schedule of shows, workshops, and prices, visit the Twin Cities Improv Festival official site. Events take place at HUGE Theater (3037 Lyndale Ave. S.), from Thursday, June 22 through Sunday, June 26. Some workshops will take place at the Brave New Institute beginning Saturday.