'Fibers. Leaves. Faces.' opens at the Art Institutes International Minnesota

The Art Institutes International Minnesota hosts many events from one day to the next, ranging from culinary happenings to fashion competitions. This week the school is celebrating the 2011 winter graduating class from the Bachelor of Fine Arts program in photography.

Opening this Saturday, "Fibers. Leaves. Faces." features photography works by Ceri Billings, Kelly Lyall, and Amber Stage. [jump]

The first floor galleries at the AI in downtown Minneapolis will feature three artists of varying styles. Kelly Lyall focuses on the world of fashion. Described as edgy, Lyall tends to make use of sparse environments, which makes the focal point of her photos--the design of the garments--hard to miss. Amber Stage will display landscape and nature photographs. Her photos capture the minute details of the natural world in extreme closeups, as well as larger shots which, for instance, capture the motion of swiftly-flowing streams or the vast blue sky over sunny prairies. Ceri Billings, who specializes in lifestyle portraiture, captures the spirit in her subjects with casual couple shots, closeup baby portraits, and wedding photography.

The exhibition opens on Saturday, March 19 and will run through Thursday, April 8. "Fibers. Leaves. Faces." will have an opening reception on Thursday, March 24 from 6 to 8:30 p.m. Portions of the exhibition will remain in the Gourmet Gallery until June 9. The Art Institutes International Minnesota, located at 15 South Ninth Street in downtown Minneapolis, is free and open to the public.