Feminist dating app Bumble now has a networking app, Bumble Bizz

Fashion maven, stylist, event organizer, and all-around pro Sarah Edwards.

Fashion maven, stylist, event organizer, and all-around pro Sarah Edwards.

Twin Cities, are you ready to Bumble? Bumble Bizz, that is.

Much like its dating counterpart, Bumble, Bumble Bizz aims to empower women by having them make the first move. The feminist networking app is shaking up the way we connect to new clients, employers, and business partners.

Sarah Edwards, of I am Kindness, is the Twin Cities Bumble brand ambassador.

“[The app] is a good way to connect and network without having to go to events that are super awkward,” she says. “I’ve made a lot of really great business connections.”

Some people -- especially millennials -- don’t engage with LinkedIn, even if they’re on it. “It can be stuffy. It is a little formal,” Edwards says. “Bumble Bizz is more casual.”

Revelers at a recent Bumble event.

Revelers at a recent Bumble event. Image courtesy Bumble Bizz.

It’s easy to add Bumble Bizz if you already have Bumble or Bumble BFF (for finding platonic friends), and you can switch out between the three platforms. You can also only use Bizz if you’re good on the social front.

As brand ambassador, Edwards is helping get the word out, as well as relaying what’s working and what’s not with the app here in Minnesota.

“They trust me to guide them,” she says.

Edwards has always loved connecting people. “I’m personally excited about Bumble Bizz because I am really busy,” she says. “I can use it to meet a lot of people, and it takes less time than going to events.”

Tonight, Edwards will be holding court at Brick X Mortar, hosting a launch party for the app. The event will include an hour of networking, which will include drinks and snacks, followed by a panel discussion where guests will talk about one person that helped launch their careers.

“Bumble’s whole thing with Bumble Bizz is that one connection can possibly change your career,” says Edwards.


5:30-8 p.m. Thursday, October 19
Brick X Mortar
314 N. First. Ave., Minneapolis

Find more info on the app at