Fashion Foreword: What to wear during the tricky month of March


March is such a fun, challenging month, wardrobe-wise. (Note our sarcasm here.) Let's be honest: It’s just straight-up challenging. One day we have record-setting 70-degree sunshine and then it’s foggy and rainy and straddling the line between hair-frizzing humidity and a springy chill. You can go out in leggings and a jacket and come home either sweating or so frozen your fingers won’t even text. What fun!

It may be too warm for tights (at least 50 degrees feels warm after the winter), but too cold for bare legs, which makes this springy weather a crapshoot when you’re getting dressed. That’s why you need transitions! And we don’t mean those weird lenses. We're talking about the pieces that you wear from March to May that make you feel springy but still keep your ass warm.

1. A tight black maxi dress

Save your flowy maxis for summer and opt for something more fitted. It’ll look more polished amid all those layers. An American Apparel spaghetti strap maxi dress, for example, is great during these in-between months. It keeps your legs covered but it doesn’t feel like you're wearing crazy layers, and you can wear long socks underneath it if it’s a little breezy. It keeps your arms and chest bare to add a cardigan or army jacket and a scarf if you want. It's great to wear if you're flying from cold-ass Minnesota to somewhere warm, as you can easily shed excess layers when you land.

2. A floaty, fancy scarf

Yes, you can get cheap scarves at LEN, and they’re fine. However, it’s so much more practical to buy one made of nice materials, like a little bit of cashmere, and actually wear it year-round. Chan Luu scarves are great. They’re warm, but they’re not heavy and gross, and they look very “Olsen Twins circa 2005” — in a cool way. You can crumple them up in your bag when you get too warm, then reach for them when the sun goes away and that patio spot gets chilly. Buy a pale blue, light gray, or beige-white for a springy feel.

Scarves can keep you warm and come in spring colors.

Scarves can keep you warm and come in spring colors.

3. The cropped sweater

A cropped sweater looks cute as hell with anything high-waisted, including pencil skirts, cutoffs, and jeans. It lets a little hint of skin peek out without being like, “Hello! Here is my navel! It’s 2001 again!” Try throwing a crop from Club Monaco over sleeveless, summery midi dresses to play with proportions and keep your arms warm.

4. A catsuit

Okay, stay with us here. You saw how Kim K rocked her turtleneck catsuit with furs and boots at NYFW, right? Guess where she got it? American Apparel, of course. This thing is perfect for in-between dressing because it keeps you covered and gives you room to play around with layering. Try wearing it with a big '80s-inspired gold belt and little black pumps, or maybe with a white jacket and Manolo Blahnik Timberlands.

5. A jean or army jacket

Well, duh. This is a pretty obvious choice, and an option you should definitely own. They’re so cute over slip dresses and shorts, or with a vintage Harley shirt from Tatters (RIP) and leggings.

6. The sweatshirt dress

Yeah, we got inspiration from that Kate Hudson Fabletics commercial, but we're not ashamed! It’s like your favorite gigantic sweatshirt (probably stolen from an ex) but in a cute dress cut, so it doesn’t look sloppy. You can easily style it to look sporty with white sneakers or dress it up like a Free People model in high boots and a hat. It will take you from brunch to night swimming, no sweat(shirt).