Fashion Foreword: Upgrade your beauty routine for spring/summer


One of my favorite things about my job as a beauty writer is telling people what to buy. What better time to boss you around than the dawn of spring? Throw away your ancient mascara (which you should be replacing every six months anyway), go get a pedicure to prep for sandal season, and change up your beauty routine to suit the weather. After all, the trees and the flowers are gettin’ fancy, so you shouldn’t let them show you up.

Take care of your skin, dammit.

You might be able to take a break from the rich moisturizers you slathered on in the winter now that the temperature is rising, but you still need to pamper your skin. Be sure you’re wearing sunscreen every single day; using moisturizer with added SPF, which you can find in any skincare aisle from CVS to Nordstrom, makes this super easy. Two birds, one stone, right?

Spending money on your skincare and taking the time to learn what works for you and just what your skin is craving is worth it. This is why counter managers at Nordstrom and Sephora are your new best friends, as they’ve got access to all kinds of samples. If your skin is actually freaking out, though, you might need a little more help than a serum can provide. Join for a low monthly fee and you’ll have a dermatologist basically on-call to help you get things under control.

Fake bake the 2016 way.

Don’t freak out because your winter skin is the shade of Pillsbury dinner rolls before you cook them. We’re all in this together, and you gotta grow some balls and put on your shorts anyway. If you really need a little boost of color to feel confident in your skin as you shed layers, make an appointment with the Twin Cities’ best airbrush tanning chain, Go Glow. With locations in Uptown, Edina, and even a mobile tanning option, Go Glow is a go-to when you need to look subtly bronzed and 100 percent sexier. Don’t waste your money experimenting with Mystic Tan or – gasp! – baking away at Darque Tan and harming your skin. Go Glow will custom-mix your color for you, too, so you don’t need to worry that you’re going to be all orange like Ross on that one episode of Friends. ($45/tan at Uptown or Edina; $35 tantini parties with a friend at Uptown or Edina; $65 mobile single tan/$45 for 2 to 5 people.)


Swap your scent.

Fall and winter are ideal for smoky, spicy, and warm smells, but they can feel a little heavy when it’s 80 and sunny. That being said, don’t be basic and go to Sephora for a fragrance everyone else is wearing. One excellent spring scent is Frederic Malle’s light, lilac-imbued En Passant. You'll find it at Southdale’s La Petite Parfumerie, the only place you can find Malle scents in Minnesota.

If you’re too fickle to drop $200 on a bottle, go across the street to Galleria’s Blu Mercury and sniff around the Jo Malone section. Her 1 oz fragrances are inexpensive, super easy to layer, and perfectly pleasant, which makes them ideal Mother’s Day gifts, too. Or, load up on cheap fancy samples at and wear something new every day. (La Petite Parfumerie, 2155 Southdale Mall/Blue Mercury, 3920 Galleria; 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.)

Try an unexpected bright lip color.

Say “see ya later” to your dark maroons and burgundies and pack them away in a dark, cool spot until fall, or collect your empty MAC products and trade them in for a new, seasonal shade. We're obsessed with their Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolor line because it stays on for hours upon hours without feeling like paint. These are a pretty great option, and the bright purple Recollection shade is just unique enough to make it worth the $20. Everyone else is wearing coral and hot pink, but not you. You’re special. (MAC, 2922 Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis)