Fashion Foreword: Summer beauty fixes


Summer’s the best, but it brings with it some pretty unpleasant and annoying beauty gripes. You’re out consuming countless summer cocktails in the patio sun, lying on the beach and frying your skin, and wandering around the city (or the lake) for hours in new sandals that cut up your feet. Of course, all of those summer experiences are WORTH IT, but here’s how to combat those pesky beauty issues so you can enjoy the warm weather to the fullest.


Hey, it happens to all of us. Donna Karan’s Cashmere Mist deodorant is the greatest anti-stink potion in the world. It’s not cheap, but a tube will last you at least nine months, and keep you smelling fresh even on the swampiest days of summer.

Inner-thigh chafing

Shorts and sundresses are the best part about summer, but what isn’t great is the unpleasant friction created by your thighs rubbing together. Pretty much everyone deals with this, and nobody really wants to wear bike shorts under their dress. A little bit of powder (even baby powder works in a pinch) and a sport stick like Body Glide can help keep those itchy, painful rub-rashes away. An antiperspirant can help too.

Sunburn city


Did you spend a little too much time in the sun on Hidden Beach? It happens to the best of us, but if you left the lake feeling pink and painful, don’t worry. There’s hope. A cool washcloth can alleviate some of that discomfort, and your mom’s go-to aloe will soothe burning areas. Be gentle with your skin for a few days; wear loose clothing and don’t scrub at it. And resist the urge to scratch and peel!

Fading hair color

The summer sun wreaks havoc on your hair, and it sucks when your precious, expensive hair color fades after too many hours at the pool or on the patio. Invest in color-conserving shampoo and conditioner, or keep it wrapped up in a scarf or a hat. If you’re planning to immerse yourself in chlorine all season, put some conditioner in your hair before you take a dip to protect it from the harsh chemical effects.

Holiday weekend puff-face

Did you party too hard on your last three-day weekend and now you’re feeling puffy and bloated? Drinking a ton of water can help alleviate this, since alcohol sucks all the moisture out of your face. A regular eye cream regimen is a must for anyone past 25, and it will really help with the sad, puffy look you’re currently sporting. Even if you’re drunk, you can pat on some eye cream. It takes literally two seconds, and it’ll help keep fine lines and crow’s feet away. Another way to combat the puff is to coat your entire body in a thick moisturizer before you go to bed so you don't wake up with dehydrated skin.

Dry lips

Your favorite mattes aren’t looking quite as vibrant on your crackly, dry lips, are they? This is an easy fix. Simply dampen a toothbrush and gently exfoliate all that nasty dead skin away, or do the same thing with a nubby washcloth. Follow with a thick layer of your favorite emollient lip balm before bed so it can really soak in and do its job. Then you can pucker up to your favorite corals and hot pinks.