Fashion Foreword: Ramp up your glam at holiday parties


Wow. It’s mid-November already. How did this happen? It’s practically the holidays now, which means PARTIES are on the horizon. Are you going to holiday parties? We sure hope so. In times like these, we need to band together and spend time with our friends, family, and loved ones... and maybe a cocktail or seven.

The following services and pieces are perfect for any holiday parties or functions you have on your calendar for the next few months.



First, get glowing.
It’s November, which means your summer tan has probably faded to just a hint of its former glory. No problem. At GoGLOW, they custom blend your color for you, so if you wanna go subtle, no problem. And if you, like me, like to wake up looking bronzed and beautiful, they can hook you up there, too. Tans are never orange, and can last over a week if you maintain them correctly. (GoGLOW is at 50th & France and in Uptown. $45/tan. Book online:

Make a statement.
Holiday parties (and fancy art parties) mean you can give into your desire for sparkle, glitter, and over-the-top colors and silhouettes. Go big or go home. More sequins! More gold! Do a smoky eye and a dark lip!


For serious bombshell vibes, this velvet goddess dress from Proper is sexy and versatile.


Clashing floral prints are unexpected and a fun choice for winter parties.

This colorful graphic printed dress from June Resale will stand out in a sea of LBDs.



Get your beauty look on lock.
Once you’ve found an ensemble, figure out what you want to do with your hair, makeup, and nails. One great option is imPRESS press-on nails for special occasions when you want nice nails but don’t want to shell out $35 for a manicure. They're available at Walgreens or Target, cost $8 to $10, are easy to apply, and, most importantly, they stay put.

If you don’t feel like doing your own makeup for whatever fancy event you’re attending and you need to re-up on some of your favorite beauty products, pop into a MAC store and have their artists work their magic on your face. Any beauty counter artists will be more than eager to help you out if you return the favor and make a purchase or two. If you have a favorite salon or blowout bar, they may have a makeup artist on hand that you can book with, too.

Finally, why not treat yourself to a blowout or a styling session for your event? The Twin Cities is home to a whole bunch of blowout bars, and most of them are locally-owned -- all the better, right?  After all, if you’re going to be photographed (hello, Instagram), so you can’t just roll up in your go-to ponytail. It’s the holiday season! Get a little crazy.