Fashion Foreword: Iconic MN-style inspirations to take you into fall

Yes, we're taking fashion cues from all of these Minnesotans.

Yes, we're taking fashion cues from all of these Minnesotans.

Are you in a wardrobe slump? Once the summer starts to wane, it’s not uncommon to be over shorts, tanks, and sundresses, but also not quite ready for fall’s tights and boots. (It’s still hot out, afterall.) If you need a little inspiration for those moments when nothing in your closet seems quite right, why not look to some famous (and occasionally fictional) Minnesotans to guide you? You know what they say: Inspiration is everywhere. Take it from the denizens of our land of 10,000 lakes, and don’t worry, we didn’t put Paul Bunyan on the list.


Amber Atkins

With her strappy tank tops and sporty, casual style, Kirsten Dunst’s look in 1999’s Drop Dead Gorgeous is pretty much right on trend today. Even her yellow pageant dress, which was so covetable in the ‘00s, happens to look modern again. Bonus points if you wear the matching America hat and can recite the states in alphabetical order.



Honor our fallen icon in your fall wardrobe by upping the drama factor. We’re not saying that you have to wear layers of ruffles or a head-to-toe purple suit, but you shouldn’t be afraid to stand out in a crowd like the Purple One. Channel Prince when you’re going out on the town with extra eyeliner and maybe a hint of lace. Don’t forget to add high heels.



Lorie Line

Just like Prince, Minnesota’s own pianist troubadour isn’t afraid of glamour. Channel your inner Lorie Line with animal prints, satins, and lots of vibrant colors. You don’t have to play the piano like a local celebrity to dress like one.



Betty Crocker

Stay with me here. Betty Crocker is a Minnesota institution, having been created back in the ‘20s at General Mills. She’s undergone a few makeovers over the years, but retro Betty is our favorite. Nothing says fall wardrobe like a little cropped sweater and a full skirt. Wear a retro silhouette in Betty’s favorite shade of red, and don’t forget the signature pearls.



Laura Ingalls/Dorothy Gale

Gingham is having a moment in fashion right now, and the plaid print was a favorite of both Laura Ingalls, a onetime Minnesota resident, and Judy Garland’s Dorothy Gale. (Just forget Dorothy was from Kansas; Garland’s from Grand Rapids.) Gingham is adorable on a sundress and very Gigi Hadid when worn body-con style.



Rose Nylund

The Golden Girl herself hailed from the made-up hamlet of St. Olaf, Minnesota. Channel your inner Rose with pretty pastels (she liked mauve, pale blue, and seafoam green) or floral prints perfect for a Minnesota-gone-Miami Golden Girl.



F. Scott Fitzgerald 

You don’t have to wear a full three-piece suit like the Minnesota writer, we promise. Why not style yourself after his most famous creations, Daisy and Gatsby? (But not in the cheesy costume party kind of way, of course.) A drop-waisted dress is an excellent choice come State Fair time because it floats away from your body and allows you to eat more, and an all-white look has always been classically cool.

Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan pretty much hates Minnesota, so don’t dress like him.