Fashion Foreword: Fourth of July fashion tips


The Fourth of July is here — can you believe it? On Friday afternoon, most of us will dip out of our office jobs early and spend the next three days eating brats, drinking Budweiser's “America” beer, and lighting sparkler after sparkler until we get the perfect Instagram pic. Ain’t summer grand?

Red, White, and Boom

St. Anthony Main

No matter what your plans are, be prepared for this monumental holiday with a few cute outfits. You know all of your friends will be snapping every moment, so consider the social-media memories you’ll be making when you decide on an ensemble to wear for America’s birthday.

Backyard BBQ

If your plans include a home lawn party or two, be sure to wear something you can wipe your greasy hands on, as the likelihood of your friends supplying napkins is pretty low. Oh, and an elastic waist wouldn’t hurt either, so you can shovel in delicious pasta salad and potato chips without feeling tight around your mid-section. Enter the romper! This floral style from Primp is festive, but doesn’t look like you’re adhering to the expected red, white, and blue theme. Just say no to your favorite white dress, because ketchup + alcohol can be a deadly staining equation.

Biking to the beach

You’re en route to your beach of choice, whether that’s Hidden Beach with its drum circles and that lady with a snake or the bro’ed-out beaches of Lake Calhoun. Whatever you do, please, please, please don’t wear an American flag print bikini. This trend is over, and the fact that entire aisles of Target are devoted to novelty Fourth of July merchandise should clue you in to that. Your flag bikini was cute and cheeky in 2010. It’s tired now. However, this crocheted, candy-colored bikini from Edina’s Nani Nalu boutique is the perfect fusion of hippie-dippie and sweet. And you can’t go wrong with a one-piece and cutoffs that double as a cute outfit for after-beach activities. American Apparel makes a flattering, inexpensive option. 


Red, White, and Boom!

If you’re attending the famous evening fireworks show on the river, plan ahead! Since you’ll probably be parking your bum on itchy grass, wear a maxi dress to keep your skin covered. This gray style from Covered is a little sexy, just in case your fireworks date is an actual date. Or, try an off-the-shoulder top with your favorite jeans, and don’t forget to grab a light sweater in case the night gets cool and mosquito-y.

Family time

Are you spending the Fourth with your folks? Hey, same here. You can’t exactly be running around in your favorite skimpy bikini, and if your extended family is around, you might want to spruce things up a bit. This cute little gingham sundress from Proper & Prim is lightweight enough to keep you cool, and easy to dress up or down for any family event, from lunch at Zorbaz on the lake to a fancier brunch celebration. 

Heading up North

Are you chillin’ at the cabin for the Fourth? Lucky you! Enjoy this vacation from the real world in your favorite giant sweatshirts and Walmart sweat shorts. You deserve it.