Fashion Foreword: Fall finds to update your wardrobe


What is it about fall that makes it the most fun season to shop for? It’s probably because you can actually wear your clothes instead of keeping them hidden under puffy coats (sorry, winter) and because the weather is chill enough that you don’t feel the need to remove layer after layer. 

What should you be wearing this fall? We checked out the biggest runway trends and chose a few favorites. If you’re going to purchase a few pieces to shift your closet away from summer, here’s what to look out for.

This trend comes and goes through the decades. With its corset detailings, square necks, and those big, dramatic sleeves, the Renaissance look is a little bit 1970s. It’s pretty easy to find pieces in thrift and vintage stores. Just don’t eat soup with gigantic bell sleeves.

Nothing is cuter in the fall than a jaunty little cape. Tandem Vintage has a few adorable ones in stock. They’re perfect for those fall days when it’s not freezing outside, but also not sunny and 70.

Luxe textures
The fall runways were overloaded with velvet, faux fur, and sparkle. Sounds awesome! The recent ‘90s revival means velvet has been back for awhile. Yes, it might flash you back to your childhood and those Clarissa Explains it All ensembles you created before school, but it’s also a pretty sexy fabric. These luxe textures were all over our own runways at Envision, too. Designers have come a long way with faux fur; it’s not the cheap-looking stuff you used to buy at DEB. Thrift stores often have the vintage version, which is plush, cozy, and will keep you warm into winter.

Another ‘90s fave is back: chokers. Actually, they’ve been “back” for awhile, and when you move away from the strip of velvet and upgrade to chunky gold or jeweled versions, they really make a statement. Depending on what you pair them with they can be fun and funky or super elegant.

Plaid, plaid, plaid
Nothing is cuter in the fall than a tight sweater and a plaid skirt. It has a back-to-school vibe that brings back childhood nostalgia. Plus, it feels so seasonally appropriate. A vintage grey or a red plaid wool skirt (or coat!) will never fail you. Plus, the ultimate ‘90s girl heroine, Cher Horowitz, certainly knows the power of a good plaid power suit.


Pastel pink
Stay with me here. Yes, pastel pink is a traditionally “spring” shade, but it plays so perfectly with fall colors like burgundy and navy blue that adding a hint of pink to your fall outfits is a smart, unexpected pairing.