Fashion Foreword: 7 Minnesota-themed Halloween costumes


If you’re one of those people who decides on a costume at the last minute instead of painstakingly planning for weeks like us Halloween diehards, don’t freak out if you haven’t thought of anything cute, clever, or timely.

Never fear: We've come up with a few locally relevant costumes for you and your squad. While everyone else will be dressed up like Harambe the gorilla and that damned undecided voter (and former Christian rock drummer) Ken Bone, your creativity will be much appreciated.

The “Hey Teddy” kid.
We were all obsessed with the adorable young rapper Obadiah Gamble, who made a viral video inviting Vikings player Teddy Bridgewater to his birthday party. Channel his energy by wearing a Teddy jersey and a sideways Vikings cap.

Garrison Keillor.
Now that Keillor has passed the reins of A Prairie Home Companion over to Chris Thile (who's taking the show in an exciting new direction), it’s time to honor his legacy with a Halloween costume. You need a slightly mussed brown suit, big glasses, a book and some red shoes. A microphone would be a much-appreciated prop.

State Fair foods.
If you and your friends are looking for a cute group costume, why not dress as some of the standout foods on a stick from the fair? (It would suck to be the one who dresses as cheese curds, though.) Think of the possibilities! Someone could be a pronto pup and other could dress up like the Spam sushi. Your prettiest girlfriend could even be a Butterhead! Now we’re nostalgic for the Fair.

The Walker Art Center Cherry and Spoon.
Our most famous art landmark may be under construction right now, but you can still dress up like it. What a cute couples’ costume, right? Create a spoon from cardboard and tinfoil or silver spray paint and dress like the cherry in a cute red dress.

Halloween is the perfect time to honor the late music legend, our beloved Prince. Dressing like the Purple One is pretty easy, too: all you need is a ruffled shirt, some skinny pants, and a purple blazer, easily found in the women’s section of the thrift store. A Prince-centric group costume depicting his different eras could be fun, too, if you’re feeling particularly inspired and creative. If you're not, this online retailer is offering shortcuts to becoming the late great one.


Your favorite First Avenue star. Who’s your favorite star on the First Ave wall of fame? Is it Hank Williams III or local musician Mark Mallman? Or are you going to be a smartass and be the Avenged Sevenfold star? (LOL.)

Minnesota Tinder guy.
Create the Tinder window, then get a toy fish and pose with it. Swipe left.