Fashion Foreword: 6 shops that need to come to Minnesota


With the grand opening of NYX at the Mall of America this weekend, we got to thinking about some of the stores that should be taking up permanent residence in the Twin Cities but just haven’t made it here quite yet. After all, we do have that gigantic destination mall chilling in Bloomington, and it’s only getting bigger.

All Saints

Where do the cool kids shop? Well, it’s not at All Saints, because we don’t have one here. You have to satisfy your leather jacket itch by visiting their locations in Chicago or New York. Honestly, we could really use more men’s clothing stores that aren’t super heritage-focused.


[Editor's note: Four days after this post was published Zara announced that it is indeed coming to Mall of America.] It’s coming here, right? Early in 2016, job postings sprung up for a Minnesota Zara location. Nothing has been confirmed, but hopefully the Spanish retailer that we know and love and have been waiting for will finally show up at MOA and give us an excuse to buy Celine knockoffs and cute, trendy shoes. (We’re really lacking in good shoe stores here.)



Minnesotans don’t like to spend a whole lot of money on their clothes, but they like to look good, so why don’t we have a Uniqlo yet? We seriously need that HeatTech line here in the land of ice and snow. Uniqlo has been expanding at a very steady rate over the past few years, so it wouldn’t surprise us if it makes its way here soon. The Japanese retailer offers menswear, womenswear, kids' clothing, and even baby clothes, so you can basically outfit your entire family there for a pretty low price.

Neiman Marcus

There were whispers that classic upscale department store Neiman Marcus was going to return to the area after its downtown location closed a few years ago. The new Neiman Marcus was either going to take over the Bloomingdale’s space at MOA or they were going to build a new store in Rochester near the Mayo Clinic, which attracts many rich doctors and patients. However, it doesn’t seem like that’s happening, which is a shame. Nordstrom provides a decent fancy shopping experience, but it doesn’t quite scratch that upscale itch. We miss Neiman Marcus!

& Other Stories

H&M is a smashing success here, with a store in basically every ‘dale and then some. Why not bring its slightly more sophisticated and feminine older sister, & Other Stories, to the MOA? Prices are higher than H&M, but they’re not obscene. Many pieces are classic, well-tailored, and look much more expensive than than they are.


Nordstrom carries a decent selection of Topshop in its BP junior’s department, but it’s about damn time we got a full store. Teenagers and college girls are the MOA’s most faithful customers, and they’d probably love to channel Gigi Hadid and Kylie Jenner with Topshop’s ultra-trendy dresses, coats, and crop tops. Honestly, they should close down the Macy’s and let Topshop be a partial anchor store. Well, a girl can dream.