Fashion Foreword: 6 current trends we’ll laugh at in 10 years

Looking good in 1984 and 2016.

Looking good in 1984 and 2016.

We turn a blind eye to the horrifying things we wore in the '00s: the Juicy suits, the True Religion jeans, and the Ed Hardy tees. “Can you believe we all had those dangle-y belly button rings? Remember how much we spent at Abercrombie?” While the trends of the 2010s aren’t quite as bad as those worn by icons like Britney and Christina and Paris a decade ago (we hope!), there are a few things we’ll definitely look back at and wonder what the hell we were thinking.


Yes, it’s comfortable, and yes, it can look very chic and casual. That being said, there will be backlash against the athleisure trend and its terrifying sibling, the “pajamas in public” trend. (Is that a trend, or is it just laziness? Either way, it ain’t cute.) Will we go back to wearing suits and dresses to the airport? Doubtful, but one day we’ll realize that we looked really stupid wearing Lululemon to dinner. (Yes, we know you go to yoga, but this is a wedding reception!)

Mom Jeans

So many twenty-something girls, myself included, are squeezing into high-waisted jeans like our moms wore in the '90s. Yes, they're more flattering than the lower-than-low-rise jeans we wore in the '00s. But just because you got them at the thrift store doesn’t mean they’re good. This style tends to make your butt look looooooooong, and those of us with thighs can never squeeze into men’s Levi’s.

Instagram Makeup

Many folks, Kylie included, aren't going for the natural look right now on Instagram.

Many folks, Kylie included, aren't going for the natural look right now on Instagram.

In 10 years, we’ll look at our old Instagram photos and wonder what the hell we were doing making our brows look three times their size and spending hours blending contour into the semblance of cheekbones. “Why did I wear so much sparkle on my face?” we’ll wonder aloud. “Oh, wait, that was when we all wanted to shine like a Kardashian with a pound of highlighter on.” Instagram makeup looks great in photos, but in real life it’s not always the best choice. We’ll probably have robots to do our makeup in 2026, or an app that can sense what you want to wear that day and applies itself to your face like a Snapchat filter.

The “Hitler Youth” Haircut/Man Buns

Literally every dude has one of these hairstyles right now. They will haunt us in 2026, along with blue gingham shirts from J. Crew and Red Wing boots.


Thank god normcore is over. We legit looked like our parents in the '90s, and it wasn’t cute. Why would anyone want to look like the mom on a PBS TV show?

Novelty Tees

Novelty tees are like cockroaches in that they’ll never die. They’ll inherit the Earth. Some of them are great, and when you dig a perfect one out of a thrift-store bin, you feel like queen of the world. But the ones that say “NAMASTE IN BED” or “MEET ME AT THE BARRE” need to go. Your grandchildren will see you in photos wearing a tank top emblazoned with “ROSÉ ALL DAY.” Think about that.