Fashion Foreword: 5 Instagram accounts worth following

Some highlights from <a href="" target="_blank">Golden Pearl Vintage</a>'s page.

Some highlights from Golden Pearl Vintage's page.

Have you heard the sad news from Instagram? Now that they’re owned by Facebook, they’re gonna make brands and businesses pay to play, and they’re changing up their algorithm so that pictures with the most likes and engagement show up in your feed first, instead of chronologically. We're hoping this is just an elaborate April Fool’s prank, but in case it isn’t, we’ve picked a few of our favorite local retailers who deserve the “Turn On Notifications” option on. 


Parc is so insanely good at Instagram that they racked up thousands of followers really quickly. The Northeast/Edina women’s boutique — which offers cool, simple, and modern pieces in a neutral palette — practically stocks its racks with pieces they know will take off on Insta. After all, the whole “white on white on white” aesthetic is still going strong in the Instagram world, and Parc has got that look on lock. All of their employees are totally adorable and make frequent appearances on the channel in their Parc best. The Golden Pearl Vintage

Golden Pearl is still relatively new, so doesn't have the “200k” followers quite yet. However, it has been fun watching how their social presence is unfolding. We get to see what the famous Golden Pearl mannequins are wearing, outfit ideas from its stylish employees, and pics of how their customers are styling their vintage pieces from GPV.  Room No. 3


Edina lingerie boutique Room No. 3 is a go-to stop when searching for a casual yet sexy piece to add to your lingerie drawer. (They also stock the best bra of all time, the Chantelle T-shirt bra. Trust us on this one.) Their Instagram is sexy in a teasing way; it’s for the girl who likes to wear lacy panties with a big cashmere sweater.  Idun

Sometimes, we just like to look at pretty things! We might not be able to afford them, but there’s no harm in a little online daydreaming, right? St. Paul’s upscale women’s boutique Idun has those pretty things, and the clean, crisp images are a pleasure to scroll through. Mille

The store that was once known as Pretty Mommy transformed into Mille not too long ago, and it’s both a thriving online shop and a little nook of a store in Minneapolis. Mille’s Instagram combines the best of Insta-minimalism, with cheery bright color and feminine touches. We're not the only ones who like the Mille aesthetic – 20k others agree with us.

Other honorable mentions definitely worth a follow:

@tandemvintage, for a sneak peek at the shop's thrifting adventures before they hit the store.

@clicheminneapolis, to place first dibs on new arrivals.

@proper.shops, for outfit ideas and new arrivals.

@blackbluesaintpaul, for cute dudes in expensive raw denim.

@juneresale, to keep an eye out for your dream designer bag.

@shopcovered, to help you find an outfit for your next night out.

@shop_gh2, for the best consignment shoes.

@findfurnish, for items for your closet and your home.