Fashion Foreword: 10 local Instagram accounts worth following


It’s not quite “Follow Friday” yet, but does that matter? We’re all glued to our smartphones 24/7, lying in bed half-heartedly watching HGTV while we scroll through Instagram. There are a ton of stylish Twin Citians worth following, both current residents and those who’ve left us for L.A. or NYC. We've rounded up some of our favorite stylish folks for you to follow. Join us in living vicariously through them as we spend another day in our dirty old leggings.

@Conrad_Mumbles (Connie Mrotek)

Mrotek oozes style. She’s also passionate about the Minneapolis/St. Paul fashion community, becoming a huge supporter of the local fashion scene and organizing events like Black Magik Woman. She’s got a tomboyish, rock ‘n' roll style, which is complemented by her dark hair and tattoos. Her Instagram also features sneak peeks at the shoots she styles for Maidens Magazine and more.

@drmaxwelljr (David Maxwell)

Artist David Maxwell’s Instagram is pretty much the most beautiful thing ever. Go follow immediately for your visual pleasure, and stay for Maxwell’s sick signature style (check out those coats!). 

@Ampersandria (Alexandria Cochran)


Full disclosure: Alexandria Cochran is one of my good friends, but I had to include her because she is the perfect example of someone who wears almost exclusively vintage clothing but never looks like she’s wearing a costume. Her passion for vintage and thrifted clothing just fits into her lifestyle and pairs perfectly with her sunny personality.

@lilxxbit (Emilie)

Oh, to be young and super-stylish. Emilie’s platinum hair, black lipstick, and super-cool style make her stand out – and make us jealous, too.

@ereyayouknowme (Emily Eaton)

Eaton’s such a beautiful bad-ass, it’s no wonder that her ultimate girl crush is Beyoncé. Her bodycon silhouettes and perfect jean jackets are covet-worthy.

@claudettegacuti (Claudette Gacuti)

Gacuti is one of those girls who is so effortlessly chic that she becomes unforgettable.

@thisissix (Andrea)

Style blogger Andrea loves to thrift, and she’s really, really good at it. We love her mix of '70s-inspired pieces like culottes with more modern elements, and her feminine but not overly girly style.

@alexacollections (Ally Desbiens)

Desbiens, a jewelry designer, spends part of the year traveling the world with her little daughter and her husband, a hockey player. That means we get to see snapshots of her cool and casual outfits (often from Minneapolis boutique Covered, where she works when she’s here) everywhere from London to Slovenia. Her handcrafted jewelry, often made from found objects like sea glass, is a little bit hippie girl and a little bit rocker girl, kind of like Joni Mitchell chillin’ in Greece in the '70s.

@uknowmysteez (Meron Gebrehiwot)

Meron Gebrehiwot doesn’t post a ton of outfit photos (hint, hint!), but rest assured that when you see him out and about, or double-tap one of his group photos with his equally stylish friends, he’s always the best-dressed person in the room. A friend of Gebrehiwot’s says, “He’s even wearing a boot right now on his fractured foot and makes it look good.”


What roundup of fashionable Minnesotans on Instagram would be complete without the Twin Cities’ best-dressed toddler, Ralph? He’s only three years old, but he has serious style. He picks out his own outfits and is a total pro at layering. What’s he gonna be like when he’s 15? Will Instagram even exist then?