'Fantastic Realities' opens at XYandZ Gallery

There is no shortage of surreal imagery while traveling the highways of America. Minnesota alone is dotted with hundreds of larger-than-life objects: a ball of twine, a Jolly Green Giant, a Paul Bunyan-sized fiberglass fish.

The latest exhibition at XYandZ Gallery, "Fantastic Realities," presents new work by artists Brian Borlaug and Josh K. Winkler, two artists who use national monuments, political figures, and historic moments as their subject matter and make them even more surreal.

[jump] Using original photographs, pages from history books, television stills, and stylized drawing, Borlaug's work will not only be on the gallery walls, but on the floors as well. With his installations he intends to point out the dissonance between an event and the documentation of that event.

Winkler's focus is on obscure national monuments. He creates large woodcut prints of such sites that incorporate nature into the design, such as the giant fish sculptures at the Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame. In his work, Winkler emphasizes the effect Americans have on the Earth as a result of taking it for granted. This growing disconnect is evident in these often silly objects placed on the landscape.

"Fantastic Realities: New Work by Brian Borlaug and Josh K. Winkler " opens this Friday, August 5 with a reception from 7 to 10 p.m. The exhibition will be on display through September 3. Gallery hours are Thursday through Sunday from noon to 7 p.m., or by appointment.