Fans flip out after Supernatural star Misha Collins assaulted in Minneapolis

Actor Misha Collins at the <i>Supernatural</i> panel at San Diego Comic Con in 2011

Actor Misha Collins at the Supernatural panel at San Diego Comic Con in 2011

There's a trifecta of television fandoms that dominate a certain corner of Tumblr: Sherlock, Dr. Who, and Supernatural. There's even a portmanteau for these fandoms, SuperWhoLock, that signifies the total fervor that these shows' fans have for the story lines, the characters, and the actors themselves. When you mess with one of them, you mess with all of them. 

Over the weekend, Minneapolis played host to the Supernatural convention MinnCon, welcoming stars Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, and Misha Collins for the show's 10th anniversary.

Unfortunately, Collins was the victim of an alleged assault on Friday night. Details of the attack have not been confirmed, but social media has been bursting with different accounts of what happened to the actor. According to a now-deleted post on Collins' costar Jim Beaver's Facebook, Collins' was "beaten" and "robbed" after leaving a restaurant.

Collins tweeted that he was doing all right after the incident.
— Misha Collins (@mishacollins) August 22, 2015 Collins also went ahead with his scheduled photo ops, despite reports that he was nursing stitches and minor facial injuries. Fans took the opportunity to show their support for the actor, who plays the angel Castiel. 

Supernatural fans who couldn't make it to MinnCon took to Twitter and Tumblr to wish Collins well with the #WeLoveYouMisha hastag and draw attention to the actor's charity organization Random Acts, which is a part of Microsoft's Upgrade Your World competition.

And lest you think it was all just Xs and Os for Collins, the Supernatural fandom made it clear how they really feel about Collins' attackers.