Face smash: How much do we really look like our family?


How much do family members really look alike? Do our older relatives hold a preview of sorts as to what we will look like when we're their age? How alike are identical twins really? These are some of the questions one might ask while looking at images from photographer/graphic designer Ulric Collette's split-face project.

[jump] For the series, Collette takes various family members, splits their image, then matches it up with another relative. The resulting pictures draw attention to the slight facial differences and similarities between brothers, parents and children, and even twins.

The Quebec, Canada native got the idea while practicing his Photoshop skills, riffing off the fact that his young son looks very much like he did at his age. Eventually, he also matched himself up with his brothers, and began photographing friends and family.

Since then, the genetic portrait series has gone viral. According to a recent interview of Collette, the photographer has been inundated with requests from people looking to participate in the series, and he has even been recognized on the street.

You can check out more images and interesting pairings on his website,